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    4. We manufacture motors used in different fields
    5. Classification
    6. Changzhou Sunlight Motor Co., Ltd.
    7. Tel:      0086-519-83825998
    8. Email: sales@czsunlight.com
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      The exhibition column


      Our factory will attend the following exhibitons:

      Baoma China 2020 :  November.24th~November.27th .2020     Shang hai new internation exhibition center

      Automechanika shang hai :  Dec .3rd~Dec 5th .2020  Shanghai National Convention and Exhibition Center

      Shanghai Automotive Air conditioning and Refrigeration Technology Exhibition  Nov 12th~Nov 14th  

      All customers are welcome to visit our exhibition hall. If you have any surprises, you will enjoy special price discount if you place orders during the exhibition

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