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    4. We manufacture motors used in different fields
    5. Axial Fan

    6. Brushless Motor

    7. DC Gear Motor

    8. DC Motor

    9. AC 24v hysteresis motor

    10. ABOUT US
      Sunlight is specialized in providing Axial fan, DC Motor, BLDC, parts and solutions. Sunlight Brushless?condenser?fan?manufacturer The main products include: High?power?brushless?motor,High?speed?brushless?motor,12V?brushless?motor,24V brushless motor,DC?Brushless?motor?fan.We insist
      in being best supplier with high reputation. Our head office Wenwei factory was found in 2000,
      which produce the parts of fan and motor in the began. The sub company Ronda manufactures
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      • 10 years experience of exporting motors
        • Sunlight export to more than 100 countries, including America, Spain, Brazil, Germany, England, Japan, Russia and so on.
        • We can provide all kinds solutions of the all the problems in the process of exporting to our customer.
        • There are 5 people in R&D department and 10 engineers.
      • Providing brushless DC motor with various specification & small batch orders are also accepted & short delivery time
        • Professional development team to meet customized requirements of different customers.
        • We have our own processing center, the delivery time of small batch orders is short.
        • Improve the order process system, intimate after-sales service.
      • Professional R & D technical team, advanced production equipment, modern management
        • Using advanced production equipment and technology processing center.
        • We have 5 people in R & D department and 10 engineers.
        • The company passed the audit of international TS16949, implement 6S management on?the?scene.
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